Picture To Icon

Picture To Icon is an application that provides support for users who want to create icons. These pictures can be then added to folders or even applications in order to change their appearance in Windows. This is useful when users want to create an overall computer theme and do not have certain icons that might be required.

Picture To Icon can be installed within seconds and afterwards, users can start working with the images they import. Multiple formats are compatible as input formats, such as JPG, BMP and even CUR or GIF images. All of them can be opened with ease and users can create the icons within just a few steps. First of all, they need to specify a resolution they need and the maximum supported is 240×240.

After users choose the resolution of the new icon, Picture To Icon will require another info. Users have to pick the number of colors they want to be used in the image and multiple settings are available, starting from 2-color icons and working the way up to true color icons. After this is also chosen, users just have to convert the file and the icon will be created. The file can then be exported as an ICO and it can be added to apps and folders.



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