Picture Merge Genius

Picture Merge Genius is the sort of software tool that provides the best of possibilities for the services it intends for its users. Thus, it is unlike many other such photo-editing tools that promise a lot but deliver very little in the end. Therefore, users can efficiently merge their photos and other images with one another by using this merging tool.

Picture Merge Genius application allows its users to select any image and then add various component images to it without making any fuss. Users can select any image size and insert other images on top of it, and save it in a range of different file formats. This tool allows its users to adjust the opacity while inserting one image on top of another, as well as, allowing for artistic blending of two different images into one.

Picture Merge Genius application comes with a photo editor with basic features for rotating, cropping, selecting custom background colors, and adjusting brightness and contrast of the pictures. The software also incorporates a helpful wizard for guiding the novice users through every step of the merging process, while the advanced users can begin on their own and select their parameters. This merging tool can be an excellent choice for professionals and amateurs alike in working with digital photos.



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