PicPick is a freely distributed application that allows amateur and even professional users to improve their art designs with a few interesting features. The installer is small and so is the rest of the tool, but the options packed in it are quite impressive and allow users to launch this app instead of other counter-parts on the market, regardless of them being free or paid. The interface is clearly designed and there is no room for confusions throughout the menus, which are nicely organized in order to give users the best experience.

Screen captures can be achieved with the aid of this tool and they can be further edited in order to have them suited for certain tasks. Along the other small but useful tools there are color palettes and a good protractor. The image editor itself is quite basic, but the functions that offers should be enough, considering the fact that the tool is not a premium one. Besides the classic tasks of cropping or resizing, the app is also able to provide its users a number of effects that can be added onto the images in order to make them more appealing.

The software application presented here is a must-have, especially because of the slim interface that brings in such features together without too much of a hassle. Users can work on the whiteboard in order to draw freely and the tool is compatible with graphical tablets, so possessors of such gadgets might find the application useful to help them exercise their talents. The screen caption feature allows not only for a full capture of the screen – the user can designate a certain box that can be freely resized and moved around the screen in order to capture a certain part of the desktop and then save it to a JPG file.



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