Picasa is an absolutely free image management application that provides people a good way to host and organize pictures. The free hosting plan offered by Google puts 1 GB of storage at every user’s disposal and he can add how many pictures he want in this space. However, if he feels that he needs more, there are also paid solutions, but the basic application remains free of charge. These web albums have the advantage that they can be easily accessed from any computer on which the user logs in with this Google account details.

Being provided by Google, Picasa is a trustworthy tool that is definitely easy to use for every user that might want a photo album which can be accessed with ease. The interface of this application features three main tabs which contain all of the useful elements. The main one is the My Photos tab, where a user can see every picture that is uploaded on the account, or the albums, if they were created. The Favorites tab allows people to see their most loved pictures that have been marked accordingly and the Explore tab is the one that connects a personal account with the world of Picasa, offering access to the public picture database.

The images can be sorted with the aid of albums and they can be viewed as a slideshow. A user can select pictures in order to send them via email or he can even create a movie with certain images. The upload function is very easy to use and pictures can be uploaded in two ways: either by using the dedicated button and navigating to the location of the picture or by directly using the robust drag and drop feature, which allows the import of multiple files at once for an enhanced experience.

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