Piano Suite Premier

Piano Suite Premier is a piano lessons software. It offers a mixture of a lot of features such as piano basics and lessons, nearly 500+ songs library, Composer corner for the user to compose, write and print their own compositions on a multi track recorder.

This software allows a user to learn as well as create new tracks. The Piano Player section in the software allows the user to refer to the available songs and play them under practice. The software denotes the correctly played notes in green and the faltering or erroneous notes in red. The Library has a number of practice songs that come from varied genres like classical, jazz, house, pop, etc. In case a desired song is not available, the user can download it from the internet. The software also offers a number of practice tools like a metronome and tempo adjusting options. It also has a practice lesson separately crafted for the left handed and right handed users.

Piano Suite Premier has a built in instruction manual along with tips and hits about the usage of the software. The manufacturer’s website has FAQs and other related information about the software. They can also be reached by phone, email and live chat as well as on Facebook and Twitter.



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