Photobie is an image editing utility which provides increased support for various tasks. As a freeware application, it has a lot of functions that can be used and images can be edited in a number of ways. The interface of the app is highly customizable and it features a series of toolbars. Each of them can be placed and locked in position and more of them can be added if they are needed.

Photobie works with multiple file formats both in terms of input and output and each file can be opened separately in a new tab. Layers are available to work with so that masks can be created and certain areas of the image can be edited on their own. Each layer can be also exported into a new file so that it can be designated as part of a new project.

Photobie allows users to apply filters and effects to each photo or layer. Animations can also be built and edited with the aid of the application. GIF files can have their frame rate set and the resolution can be adjusted so that the file size is kept at a minimum. The color palette allows users to extract and add certain colors to a selected area of the image.



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