Phantasmat is a spooky adventure game that has you as the main character who is trying to figure out the mystery behind the scared and bewildered inhabitants of a creepy town. You are a mere traveler and your car happened to break down just outside of a town that you have never been to before. You need help and so you enter the town in search for someone who could help you. However, once there you realize that something is very wrong and there is something or someone that has spooked the whole town and its inhabitants. You resolve to find what that is and thus your terrifying adventure begins.

Phantasmat is not a game that can be played in jest as the game is pretty serious and scary. It will get your adrenalin pumping in no time as you explore the depths of the town on your own, not knowing what danger lurks at the next turn. The plot is very interesting and will unravel slowly, drawing you into its depths and in no time you will be addicted. there are a number of characters whom you encounter throughout the game and you have to converse with them to find the next clue. You will need all your strategic thinking and wits about you when you play the game, or else you will be in grave danger.

There are a lot of challenging puzzles that you have to explore in Phantasmat, and also explore various scenes in the game to find clues and hidden objects to add to the inventory. You will have to be clear headed if you wish to escape a terrible fate and make it safely home as there are a lot of obstacles in your path. the graphics and the scenes are very well designed. Also, the terrifying atmosphere is maintained throughout the game.



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