PeToUSB is an application that allows users to easily work with WinPE in order to install it. This is a much more simplified version of the Windows XP operating system and users can install it with the aid of a bootable USB flash drive, so that CDs and DVDs are no longer required. The app can be installed within seconds and users are able to use it with ease.

The interface of PeToUSB is really simple as it does not contain too many buttons. Just the important features are present and users can create the bootable flash drive within seconds. First of all, users have to select the drive they want formatted and written with the image. Afterwards, they have to browse to the location of their ISO file and select it for the flash drive.

PeToUSB allows users to work with multiple options in order create the perfect USB flash drive and MBR backups are available. Restoration of these elements can also be achieved with ease. However, if the MBR is corrupted already, the application can rewrite it and ensure it is working correctly. There are also a series of special WinPE builds that are compatible besides the standard one.



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