Period Tracker

The simplest way to track periods on Android, Period Tracker is now available for PC download. Now you need not remember the dates every month. Simply press a button on the start day of your period each month and leave everything else to the app. It logs the dates and calculates the average of the past three months of menstrual cycles so as to predict the start date of next period. With this program, you can view the current and future dates of periods, fertile and ovulation days, your symptoms and moods in a nice month-view calendar.

You can have a home screen widget for the app on your phone, beautiful and discreet, it simply reads ‘P Tracker’. Benefit from the powerful features of the application. Take notes of your symptoms, intimacy, moods on daily basis. Easily see the number of days left for the next period or the number of days late. The program offers a very good way of showing you when you are fertile. It displays it with flowers on the homescreen during the predicted ovulation time and the eight day ‘fertile window’. It is the most popular app among women and makes their life easier.

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