Pegasus Mail

Pegasus Mail is an application designed for users who want to keep their email accounts updated as often as possible. The tool supports all of the major email protocols available nowadays so that a maximum number of accounts can be added to the tool and be functional. Users can secure the access to all of their accounts with the aid of a master password, a useful feature on a shared computer.

Pegasus Mail has a simple design which helps users in quickly finding their way around the features. The accounts are displayed in a tree list in the left side of the screen and users have the possibility to change their positions. They can also expand each account in order to have its folders displayed. The sidebar offers one-click access to each account and folder that is available. The utility also benefits from a top anti-spam filter which ensures users that junk mail will remain in its place.

Pegasus Mail is able to scan attachments to detect malware and other viruses and prevents users if something of this kind is discovered. Mail access is secured with the aid of a SSL protocol so that sending and receiving emails is protected. Multiple plugins are available for download and some of them can provide scripting support to the app, increasing its functionality.



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