PCSuite Defrag

A slick Windows optimization tool, PCSuite Defrag provides various options for defragmentation of your system, thereby keeping it performing to its best. The program has an easy to use and attractive interface that makes it a worthy choice for all levels of users. To see the defragmentation of your computer, you simply need to hit the ‘Analyze’ button and select the Defragment All Disks to have the problem sorted. There is an option to shut the computer down when done and even have the app work in background to run the defrag process. The most impressive thing about the program is the various scheduling options. You can easily make the program defragment automatically and tweaking any schedule is also simple.

The application also offers a selection of settings and defrag modes and it also displays an attractive graphic view of any process running. The tool is very effective and easy to use and suitable for both beginners and expert users. One of the best defrag tools available for Windows!



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