You are definitely concerned about the safety of your child as well as of your computer when he/she surfs the internet. There are numerous websites on the web the contents of which are harmful for healthy growth of any kid. Therefore, monitoring their online activity is one of the primary objectives of a caring parent. PCMonitor will relieve you of all anxiety regarding this and will take up the entire charge of supervising your children when he/she is accessing the internet or even using the computer being offline.

The interface of the application, in spite of being a little bland, is absolutely easy to understand and therefore convenient even for a novice. The application recognizes one sole, master user with the absolute authority to modify it and abides by only the passwords set by him. PCMonitor enables the user to define a set of elements on the web that he considers to be inappropriate for other users (children), and prepares a blacklist on that basis. If your children wander off to the websites incorporating those blacklisted elements, it will take necessary measure as determined by the supreme user, blocking the website or totally shutting down the PC. The user can receive alert-reports via e-mail or text message when a rule is violated.

PCMonitor prepares detailed report of the visited websites and other online activities of your children. The user can employ the application to view the screenshots of the children’s PC as well. Through PCMonitor you can also set up time-limits for your children to use the internet or computer.



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