PC Tools AntiVirus Free

PC Tools AntiVirus Free is a tool branded like this because it does not feature premium upgrade packages. Having a fully freeware antivirus tool installed on the computer might not seem quite safe, but such tools have been catching up with their paid rivals in the market and nowadays, threats can be detected and removed with ease by these tools, too, while other features are not neglected, either. This application provides automatic updates and the user can check a box right during the installation process. A quick scan will also be performed during the installation.

The interface is clean and shades of blue are used as primary colors of it, encompassing all of the buttons inside a nice and clean design. The main features of the antivirus are tabbed and clicking each of them allows the user to explore more options that he can use in order to make the computer safe. Parental Control is a good feature that more and more people use and its functionality has not been neglected, allowing users to clearly specify blocked websites or search results for maximum security.

Browsers are also safe using this antivirus application, as an extension is provided within each of them. This way, users will be notified about dangerous websites that might contain malicious items. The various settings allow users to increase the frequency of scans or to schedule system scans. The Quarantine menu offers information of the files that have been found in the latest system scans and that have been added here. Users have the possibility of disinfecting, removing or ignoring threats, and the tool with comply to the choices made. A detailed help file is available in order to allow each user to better understand the functionality of each tool and this will prove quite helpful at some points.



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