PC Remote Control

PC Remote Control is an application that can be configured by users who want to control their computer directly from their mobile phone. The tool is able to create a secure connection between the two devices so that users have the possibility to control various features of their PC. The connection can be established through Bluetooth, but there is also the faster Wi-Fi alternative, if the phone supports it.

PC Remote Control firstly has to be configured on the computer. In the main menu, users have to create an authentication key that will be used on the mobile phone. Afterwards, they can work with the other features of the app, such as the list of applications that can be controlled. Users can add or remove any of them in order to have a list customized according to their needs. If the mobile phone supports it, users can actually see the desktop on their screens and control it with the aid of virtual keys.

PC Remote Control can control various application, such as music players. Users can define certain keys on the mobile phone which will be forwarded to the computer. PowerPoint presentations can also be controlled through the mobile phone and this might come in handy if users do not own an actual computer remote.



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