Password Manager

Password Manager has a straightforward name and it provides users high quality services in a matter of minutes. The tool can be installed with ease and users can then create their own profile to work within the app. This profile will have a database assigned to it and users have to define a master password that can be used in order to access the rest of the content.

Password Manager has a simple interface so that users can find their way through the passwords with ease. New entries can be added with just a few mouse clicks and besides the classic entry mode, there are also a few others used in order to add credit card data and various sensitive data which needs to be protected. Then, all of these entries can be sorted with the aid of newly created categories.

Password Manager’s database can be exported and later imported onto a new computer in order to have the passwords ready to be used in another location. Moreover, it has integration capabilities with the majority of browsers available on the market and this way, users will not have to complete the fields and then log in on their own, this becoming an automated process.



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