Parent Cyber Alert

If a parent is keen to know that what is child is doing on the computer, while online as well as offline, he or she will need a powerful software support to check over the child’s activity. There are several such software programs in the market on offer, but the Parent Cyber Alert is undoubtedly one of the best among the lot. This software is an all-in-one solution of parental control over child’s computer activities. The software provides complete monitoring on the computer activities, even when the person is online.

This software tool records each and every activity that any of the family members of the user does on the computer or in the internet. It monitors on website access, program entries, keystrokes, e-mails, chat, instant messaging, application accessing, different file access and others, It takes screenshots of the pages that are getting accessed in the user’s computer. It also record the time of sequence of events. However, this is not all about this software, as Parental Cyber Alert also provides several other features.

This software provides automatic e-mail forwarding option. It can involuntarily block e-mails, IM access, chat windows, harmful websites for the child, games and applications which are not suitable for the child’s viewing. The software has automatic keyword detection feature, and it provides danger alert. It also has intelligent reporting quality. All these functions of this Parental Cyber Alert work simultaneously. The parents can also set time control to decide when their computers can get used. The software will help someone to stop the online predators and protect the user’s child and family.



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