PAC – CHOMP! Namco

PAC – CHOMP! Namco for PC is a fun android puzzle game. You have to use the PAC-MAN to make ghosts disappear and items appear. You have to match three ghosts of the same colour, and as soon as you do that they disappear at the corners of the screen. If you can match four of them an item will appear which you can use to make more ghosts disappear. If you can match five ghosts then a POWER PELLET will appear. If you can make the PAC – MAN gobble up the POWER PELLET then all the ghosts will turn blue, and it will become very easy for you to match three of them together and make them disappear. There are three modes – normal, hardcore and scramble. In the hardcore mode you have to match the ghosts fast as the gauge gets empty continuously, but in the scramble mode it is a race against time.

You can play the game in your PC after installing BlueStacks app player which emulates features of android systems in the PC environment. Now you can enjoy PAC – CHOMP! Namco for PC.



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