Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a tool specifically design to aid users that need to download various files from the internet. With a simple installation process, the application is ready for use within a matter of seconds and the main feature of it comes as a browser extension. Even if there is still room for improvements in order for increased compatibility with Firefox, generally there should be no problems. Constant updates provide a promising future to this tool, which has already amassed more than thirty million downloads.

Flash files are the most optimized for download with the aid of this tool, as a simple mouse hover over such a file will display a download button and Orbit does its job pretty good. The browser’s download speed may be fair, but this application manages to download at much faster speeds and with the aid of Imeem, a simple add-on to the tool, the current download speed can be increased up to five times for maximum performance. And this does not increase the computer’s resource usage, as Orbit requires just a small amount of memory in order to run, even if it does it at full capacity.

The interface of the tool might need some improvements but the main features are easy to be seen and using them is also simple. However, a guide is provided in order to inform every user about all of the possibilities that are available with the aid of Orbit, as some tweaks and settings can improve even more the overall experience. As a free downloader utility, this application does its job flawlessly and users that want to download a large amount of files using their browser are now backed up – if the internet connection is lost, the downloads will be simply resumed from the last percentage, rather than completely restarted.



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