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Enjoying a coffee in a café waiting for a flight in an airport, internet, nowadays is the most popular way for spending leisure time. But what if the favorite websites are blocked on the Wi-Fi hotspots or a very low speed connection is killing the patience. OkayFreedom VPN is a piece of VPN client for those users who want to enjoy everything on the internet anywhere.

After starting the software, it configures the internet connection with a new anonymous IP address, which will make the servers think that the request is approaching from a different country. OkayFreedom VPN also configures the servers to get maximum speed out of the connection to enjoy the full benefits. By changing the IP addresses of the terminals, users can enjoy television channels of foreign countries seamlessly and get the radio stations as well as the sports channels of the foreign countries also. The tool has also support for a large number of popular countries and the latest version also have support for Egypt, Singapore, Spain, Romania etc.

This powerful tool is also extremely easy to use with its easy to use interface and the program can be controlled from the task pane of Windows. OkayFreedom VPN has support for almost all the ISPs all over the world.

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