Office Calculator Pro

As the name says, Offic Calculator Pro is a professional quality calculator tool specially optimized for office jobs. It allows rounding up and down, work with percentages, and carry out all the tasks one would need in daily office life. The most important feature of the tool is the virtual tape which is basically a ticker which can run down the screen to display the calculations you just performed so as to let you keep track of all the past sums. The tape can have as many as 500 lines in it, thus you can easily hop back and view any past calculation without having to look for a pen and paper.

The program has a user friendly menu which makes it easy choosing whether to round up or down. You can also choose between zero to four decimal places, personalize the app by changing the button colors and even employ haptic feedback, rendering the screen vibrate on pressing. The calculator is very simple to launch and use and provides tons of personalization options. It is capable of handling all the scientific calculations needed in day to day life.

A must have for all, this popular Android app is available for download on PC with BlueStacks App Player! Give it a try today!



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