Note Trainer

Looking for a better way to read music notes? Try the innovative Note Trainer and forget the old note memorization techniques! With this innovative app, you get to learn reading music notes in a very engaging, natural way. It is basically a fun game which teaches recognizing music notes with sight reading practice. The game is so designed as to increase in difficulty and speed with time so that the user can learn reading music effortlessly. Sight reading is a highly important skill in learning to read music sheet and hence this application focuses on that. It is essentially built to replace the traditional music flash cards technique!

The program is perfect for those who would like to learn reading music and also those challenging themselves at increasing speed at which they could read the piano sheet music. It offers sight reading practice for more than 3 octaves of notes between bass and treble from A1 to C5. There is also a comprehensive, effective practice mode and a game mode that challenges your skills at increasing levels of difficulty. You also find Bass clef and Treble clef modes including sharps and flats. The app lets you track your scores to see when you exceed your own personal bet. It also offers badges and achievements to measure your progress in sight reading. Complete statistics show you where you make mistakes and your note reading accuracy.

The perfect companion for note reading, get the app for a free trial today on your PC with BlueStacks emulator!



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