Notation Musician

Notation Musician is an extremely useful tool for all the musicians who have ever wanted to read the notes of the music that they listen. This program shows the notations on the screen when a person is listening to his or her favorite musical piece, be it a song or a symphony. Someone can practice the music by viewing the notes. With the help of this software, it is exceedingly easy to download different music files from the internet.

Someone can create a unique music sheet, customized by the user himself, which is being crafted by the music files available from the internet. It allows the user to control the tempo of the music. A person can slow down the music as much as he needs to for the proper study of the notes. It is enormously easy to produce piano music tracks with Notation Musician, just by splitting the notations into both right hand and left hand partitions.

With the Notation Musician, it is too simple to add as well as edit any lyrics. Moreover, the user can add lyrics to the music and make those lyrics visible via a large format sing-along part. Someone can set different volume levels for each instrument and can mute any one of them.



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