Newsgroup Commander

To search information in news group archives had definitely never been easier. With the launch of the newsgroup commander pro by the InternetSoft Corporation, extracting information from newsgroups has reached all new heights. This phenomenal software has an inbuilt news group reader that allows the user to read messages both online as well as offline.

The remarkable feature that renders this software unique among its competitors is its multiple keyword based filters. These filters operate on the subject and the article content. The keyword based search helps to return only the desired information. Installation and use of this exceptional software is easy even for an amateur user. All you need to do is specify the NNTP server setting that is easily available from the respective internet service providers. Once the newsgroups have been updated, the newsgroup commander pro allows fastest download of messages from the selected newsgroups. An in-built list editing menu helps to remove duplicate addresses to control redundancy.

The newsgroup commander pro helps you manage multiple newsgroups, filters and addresses. It is compatible with every version of windows operating system at an affordable price. You can also download this inimitable software on a trial basis before making the purchase.



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