NewsBliss is a desktop toolbar that can be easily integrated into one’s desktop in order to provide fresh updates from selected websites. The application is similar to a news aggregator but it provides real time updates of the certain websites and users can quickly access the information that they want. All of the headlines appear in a scrolling bar that can be paused, reversed or have its speed changed.

NewsBliss allows users to define more than a single news band so that much more headlines can appear at once. Each can be controlled with the buttons located in the right side of the screen. In the preferences menu, users can choose to have the tool open a selected link in its own program window or to have it redirected to the default browser installed on the computer.

Backup files can be created with NewsBliss and they can be saved for later use or imported on another computer. This way, tens or hundreds of feeds can be easily moved from one terminal to the other. Although it relies on the Internet connection in order to download and stream headlines, it does not have any visible impact on the speed or the available bandwidth of the Internet connection.

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