Nawras PC Supervisor

Nawras PC Supervisor is a Windows tweaker tool that can get really deep into the system! This utility, once installed, scans your entire system thoroughly to present you a list of those Windows functions which are usually hidden from your view. These functions can make quite a significant difference to your machine’s running. The program offers you all the hidden tweaks in a single, easy to access interface. For better navigation, all the tweaks are categorized into types like Startup, Control Panel, Disk Drives and others. There are numerous categories like those having functions for Media Player or Internet Explorer that may slow down the system.

You simply go through the list to look for the tweak you are interested in and once you find it, just ask the app to carry out the tweaks for you and it would take care of the rest. The program makes appropriate changes to the registry and being critical, it always keeps a backup of all the changes to help you in case something goes wrong. Any tweak it performs takes a little time to come into effect and you would notice improvement in the OS speed based on the tweaks selected.

Enjoy the ability to tweak the hidden Window settings with this free tool!

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