MyWinLocker is a piece of dominating file encryption software which is designed to keep the user’s files safer and more secure. This tool is designed in a way so that it becomes a full-fledged one for both beginners as well as professional users. It is extremely easy to use and the leading features of the software are as below.

MyWinLocker has a tabbed interface and thus it is very easy to navigate from one part of the software to another with the help of the tabs. Thus the user has two ways to encrypt a particular file or folder. The user can do it directly from the program’s interface by navigating to the correct location or by navigating to the target with the help of Windows Explorer and right clicking on the desired item. A master password allows the users to encrypt the files and they can be decrypted any time with the help of the master password. A new and bonus feature of MyWinLocker is a private disk feature where the users can keep their data in that location by hiding them from unauthorized users.

The software due to its easy features is highly appreciable by a large community of users. It also supports the latest release of all the versions of Windows Operating Systems.

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