Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast

If you have loved the original fairytale where the enchantress comes and curses the prince to turn into a hideous beast, and the love of a lovely maiden named Belle saves him, and they live happily after, then Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast provides quite the twist to this happy tale. In Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast, the enchantress returns yet again, and this time she not only curses the prince, but also locks him up in a stone statue. When Belle returns to the castle, she finds things to be in despair and she takes the task upon herself to free her prince and take the ultimate revenge on the enchantress by defeating her forever.

You play the role of Belle, helping her overcome the dangerous shadows and hidden monsters that want to obstruct her path and make her unsuccessful in her quest. The entire kingdom is in despair and Belle seeks to make that right. There are a lot of challenges in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast, in the form puzzles that you have to solve and hidden objects that you have to find in your way and make sure to use them later. The most challenging part of the game is that Belle doesn’t know any magic or spells, as she is a plain girl, and so she will have to rely on her mere intelligence to get her prince back.

The land in Mystery Legends: Beauty and the Beast is very creatively created and is very beautiful to experience in the terms of graphics and also the atmospheric detailing in the game. there are a lot of well created puzzles to solve on the way and this will keep things interesting all the time. There are a number of magical objects and enchanted things that you have to collect and put together in order to solve the quests that come your way.



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