MyFilms is an ideal mate when the user is working with movies. It consists of several features. The movies can be retrieved, searched and Information about the films can also be edited with a simple click of this software. With the help of this tool, the user will also be able to decide quickly, which movie to watch and which are not.

When the user becomes eager to watch a film, they couldn’t remember the story of the movie or whether it’s a good choice or not? With the help of MyFilms, this problem can easily get solved. With the help of this tool movie collection can get under control. Movies can be organized easily. The user will be able to reckon the story of the film. MyFilms is entirely automatic. Movies can be played with a single click on any player with or without subtitles. All the movie information can easily be found. Information can also be edited with the help of this app.

Reports can be produced in HTML format via MyFilms. The movie viewed is still present even if the user deletes it. The colour of the background can also be changed by the user. It is a stable and useful tool and is a must for the movie addicted people.

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