My Watermark

MyWatermark strives to implement the concept of a digital watermark. It serves to authenticate the creator/author of an image and prevents illegal downloading and circulation of the image without the author’s permission. Being a portable light weight software, it can reside on the user’s USB stick or even on his cloud.

MyWatermark is a donationware. The user must contribute a minimum of 10$ to the owners if he wants to spare himself the horror of a dialog box popping up every now and then reminding him of the same. Also unpaid versions the developer’s website URL in each watermark created by the user.

MyWatermark is slow when it comes to loading images in a folder. Once that clumsy process is overcome a host of options open up for the user. The user can choose the watermark text, the size, the position, the font and the transparency. The software allows placing the new watermarked images in a separate folder. The user can choose to use the current folder as well. All images in a folder can be watermarked simultaneously too. The user cannot use images instead of text for watermarking purposes. Overall if one can ignore the time lag and the price issue, this is a nice software aimed at stopping image piracy.



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