Mp3Tag is an application created for users that want to edit the metadata of various music files they might have on their computers and not only. Simply changing the name of a song does not mean that it will be correctly displayed on a device and a third party application should be used in order to correctly edit any available field in the metadata entries. This app is suited for such needs because it allows people to firstly see how the metadata has been created for a certain file and they can later decide if they want to keep and edit it or they want to start over.

This application might seem oriented only towards MP3 files, judging by its name, but users should know that there are actually a lot of music file formats that are supported. Included in the compatible formats are FLAC, OGG and WMA files, which are still required by various applications. Metadata tags come in various formats and this tool is ready to work with any of them in order to help users. Such tags can also be applied for multiple songs at once in order to ease up the work, and this is a process that can be automated with the aid of an online database.

Such databases can be linked to the application in order to import metadata tags from the internet and Amazon is just one of the resources that can be used. Cover arts are nowadays important as a lot of devices have music players which include such features and this app can easily connect to the internet and find suited cover arts for any required song. Playlists can be created automatically using certain profiles or users can define custom playlists based on artists or albums. The metadata can be also exported to HTML, CSV or RTF files.



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