MP3 WAV Converter

MP3 WAV Converter is a straightforward utility that only requires users to specify a few options before it can do its job. The interface of the tool is fairly simple, developers preventing users from being distracted by various graphical elements. The most of the app’s window is made up by the queue list in which one or more files can be added.

MP3 WAV Converter works both ways when it comes to converting files. MP3 files can be converted to WAV files, which are audio CD compatible, while WAV files can be transformed into more user-friendly MP3 ones. However, each of these conversion types provides support for a few changeable settings that can alter the quality of the sound. The standard preset can be used, although users can define their own settings.

MP3 WAV Converter allows users not just to convert the files, but also to edit metadata. These fields can be preserved from the original file to the new one, but users can also entirely rewrite them. After all of the steps have been performed and the output folder has been designated, users can convert the files. The process will take a few minutes to complete, depending on the number of files, but a single one can be completed in a matter of seconds.



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