Movie Collector

Movie collector is an application that enables the users to sort out various genres of videos, DVDs, digital downloads, Blue ray discs and VHS tapes. With the help of this tool you can handle innumerable files of all formats and also can add corresponding notes. This implies every video formats can be necessarily catalogued and organised with this application. The application is easy to use and it avoids some common pitfalls making it fun to use.

There are good reasons to choose Movie Collector and you get numbers of DVD collection applications. There you also get the benefits of automatic upload details, search functionality, loan manager and easy to use interfaces. There is an online technical support for all types of built in support. With the application you get unlimited uploading and can download unlimited movies for your database. You can import the DVD and other file formats just by searching with the title name.

With every version the application improves and you can import the databases from different software applications quite easily. You can create a backup for all the databases. Searching for specific genres and titles is quite easy with Movie Collector and you can search by entering the file format, series, actors and many more filters.





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