Morpheus is an old and popular peer to peer client that is one of the most versatile application available today due to its support for BitTorrent, Gnutella, eDonkey and others. It is designed to offer its users a fully featured multimedia application in the form of a p2p client. It is mainly divided into four different tabs – search results, podcasts, my files, Morpheus online. The left pane of the main window lets you create playlists and keep track of videos and searches. It also allows syncing the downloaded files so as to import them to iTunes automatically. There is also an integrated chat tool available at the top of the interface.

The program aims to be a powerful peer application and hence includes elements like Morpheus online, an embedded browser which lets you check the web or find files for sharing while downloading other content. This is very useful when looking for new podcasts. You can click the podcast page option to access the original, vivid content in the program library. It is divided into episodes and podcast for making it easy browsing through whatever you have downloaded. The application is very good at security features too. Not only does it allow scanning the downloaded files but also offers a nice parental control feature.

The perfect P2P application for Windows!



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