Monsters University

Monsters University for PC is a charming android game. You can play the game as one of the four monsters – Sulley, Don, Squishy and Mike. You have to chase the mascot, Archie, the Scare Pig, of rival school of Monster University, Fear Tech, tire him out and win each stage. You have to be in hot pursuit of Archie throughout the campus, and you can jump, slide and dodge obstacles on the way. However, time is limited. You can race through the sewers, but should be aware of glow urchins who can sting and slow down your progress. You can also sneak into the school library and grab the team banner within time to finish all the stages. The game has 30 stages in all. However, if you make too much noise you may be thrown out of the library. With several features, power ups, option to collect scare cards of infamous monsters and other features this is an interesting game.

With BlueStacks emulator in your PC you can access and play Monsters University for PC.

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