Monster Blade

Monster Blade for PC is an exciting game of hunting beasts. The land of Elemental Plains is in great danger from the Godbeasts. They have been accompanied by the fearsome dragons of Monster blade. The land is in great peril and is summoning heroes to save it. If you have it in you then get down to hunting Godbeasts and dragons along with other players and slay the monsters. You have to take up powerful equipments to defeat them, and as you take them up secret abilities are unlocked for you. You can also transform into one of the monsters and unlock its special powers against them. There are over 400 unique weapons and armor. Fight epic battles and invite your friends to help you. Though free this is an excellent game with breathtaking visuals and rewards.

Though made for android systems you can play it in your PC after installing BlueStacks app player. You can access the game through BlueStascks and enjoy the thrill of Monster Blade for PC.



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