Monkey's Audio

Monkey’s Audio is a music file compressor that can provide high quality results. The tool’s name is correlated to the file format used which has the extension APE. The creator managed to provide a simple tool that can compress music files in a lossless format. The tool has been especially designed to work with WAV files in order to preserve their quality while saving up a lot of disk space.

Monkey’s Audio can be installed with ease and it has a simple interface that allows users to find their way with ease. Files can be added using the classic browser or they can be dragged and dropped for faster results. There are multiple tasks which can be chosen and each of them can be done at various speeds, depending on the user’s desire. However, faster speeds require more resources.

There are several options within Monkey’s Audio and by using them, people can create the perfect compression in no time. Files can be converted individually or in batches and the utility also allows users to convert multiple files at once. The format is supported by all the major media players so the app makes itself useful as it manages to considerably shrink WAV files as it converts them to APE format.



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