MODPlug Tracker For PC Download (Windows 7, 8, 10, XP) - Free Full Download

MODPlug Tracker

MODPlug Tracker is an audio editor that provides a lot of different functions for users that want to create their own tracks or edit existing ones. The interface of this app might seem complex, as it packs a lot of functions on the screen of each tab, but after reading through all of the features, things will be much easier for users.

MODPlug Tracker allows users to add lots of different sound effects on a timeline in order to create a soundtrack. There are four channels available and each of them can be destined for a specific instrument. Later, after the syncing is also done, users can mute any of the tracks to benefit from a new sound scheme.

MODPlug Tracker provides quick access to multiple sound effects and users can apply any of them to a sound file. This way, they can reduce the noise or amplify the bass, among other tasks. Several music tracks can be added to the app at the same time and users can easily switch tabs between them. They can also import different features from one file to the other. Powerful equalizer presets are available and knowledgeable users can also create an unlimited number of aditional schemes.



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