ModernMix is a tool that is especially designed for the latest Windows installment and users that need more flexibility when it comes to the design, might give this application a try. Distributed for free in the form of a trial, the software app manages to integrate the Modern UI with the more classic interface elements that were present in other Windows versions. The Modern applications can now run inside a window, in order to remove the barrier that has been imposed between the Start Screen and the rest of the desktop.

After the application is installed, the configuration menu will be launched and here, the user can make all of the required changes in order to maximize the quality of the experience he has with the newly customized desktop. The default settings allow applications ran from the Start Screen to open in a window. However, this can be changed altogether or special launching rules can be designated to certain applications. These rules will be saved in a log file that can be imported to other computers, too. Applications can be launched with more specific options and they can preserve their last used settings.

Different modes can be activated or disabled in order to use more or less of the Modern UI. Window sizes also be constrained, because the newer Windows version locks them to a fixed 768-pixel height. Modifications of this value can alter the interface of applications as they might be cut or scaled in weird ways. More mods are available but in order to fully understand every feature available, users should check the Tutorials area of the tool. Modern applications can now be pinned on the task bar for easy access. The Charms bar can also be accessed right from an application’s window, providing more ease of overall access.



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