MOBILedit! is an application which is designed to help users who want to connect their mobile phones to computers in various ways. The tool is intended to work with all sorts of phones, so that the main connection types, via bluetooth, infrared or USB cable can be used. Users have the possibility to choose what connection they want to use, based on their phone’s hardware.

After connecting the phone to the computer with the aid of MOBILedit!, users can start accessing data on the device. Thus, they have the opportunity to sync all sorts of data, such as contacts, call logs or messages. The synchronization can be done both ways, as a backup measure. Certain mobile phones can have their software updated with the aid of the app and users should refer to the Help file. The tool can also provide support in terms of SIM card info and users can easily discover their IMEI code or see the network’s status.

MOBILedit! can be also used in order to transfer files between the device and the computer, such as images or songs. Calls and text messages can be managed through the app, and users can respond to each of these directly from the computer.



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