MixPad is a professional mixing tool that makes use of a help file in order for novice users to easily understand the features provided. The main interface is quite simple and it contains a series of buttons at the top of the screen. The main elements are the timelines and there are five of them added in the beginning. However, users can add up to 100 different timelines and work with them if they find this practical.

MixPad has a comprehensive database filled with different samples and effects. After a song is loaded into the app, users have the possibility to add their favorite effects onto a different timeline and play the both tracks in parallel in order to create a new song.

MixPad is compatible with MIDI files and this is quite useful as these files are much more flexible than other track types. They can be easily edited and have elements added onto them. Audio CDs can be ripped with the aid of this utility so that people can mix directly their favorite tracks and then export them in a different file format if they want them saved. The tool also has a CD burner and the same tracks can be added again on a new disc for playback.



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