Mirage Anti-Bot

When you surf internet, you go to any and every website to acquire data. Bot-tained websites can not be detected by naked eyes. The bots like SpyEye, ZeuS and Palevo, make our web experience really miserable sometimes. You have to have a solution that can detect such dangers for you. The program Mirage Anti-Bot happens to be one of the solutions. It is an anti virus tool that’s main function is to keep you away from websites that possess any threatening bot.

This tool comes with clear-cut operations. It has to be started on as an administrator by right-clicking its short-cut and clicking the Run as administrator option. This has to be followed by selecting the button for updating. A list of domains containing bots is then downloaded by Mirage Anti-Bot and the same is updated in the users’ relevant Windows files. This restricts the users’ browsers to get into bot-infected websites. Attempts taken to get into blocked websites can also be logged using Mirage Anti-Bot.

It is an easy-to-use tool, which can be put into action even in the presence of some other working tool. In short you can use it while using another program. Moreover, it does not use anything more than 7 MB of your Random Access Memory (RAM). It endows your system with added security.



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