MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is a bundle of applications that allows users to recover data from different storage devices. Of course, some data might be lost forever, but this tool will do its best in order to recover everything that can still be brought back. The application is distributed for free, although users might upgrade to premium versions if they need to use the tool in a business environment, for example. There is a high probability of data being recovered, as the tools are carefully designed in order to thoroughly scan the various devices that have lost files.

The recovery processes are split in different steps and each step provides detailed information about the process that the user will do. The operations are conducted by specialized wizard tools that will do their best to recover data – the limit of downloads should be more than enough for critical files that might have been lost. The easiest data recovery is applied on hard disks, as they provide the highest rate of file recovery. However, users that have lost data from USB devices or even from DVDs can still try the application in order to see its results.

The interface of the application provides quick access to each of the five different wizards that are available. Each one will launch with various information about the process and the user will then have to specify a few info about the files, such as the original location. Errors can also be corrected using this application, and there are various elements that can be repaired, such as the state of a partition – a damaged or lost partition can not only have its content restored, but it can also be put in a functional state again. The scanning and restoring wizards will take a few minutes to complete these operations.



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