MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition

Creating, erasing or merging partitions might not be something that the common computer user will do often, but with the aid of MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition, such tasks will definitely become easier. Tools of this kind are mandatory after the operating system is reinstalled, to create a partition system for the computer. Other moments in which it can be used is when a certain partition must be merged with another one if the user wants to reorganize his disk space.

The application is one of the best tools to work with the partitions of the computer in safe conditions. There is no need for a fancy user interface to show off the possibilities of the software, hence everything is kept simple so the user, regardless of his skill, can focus on the tasks that must be accomplished, according to his own needs. The tool allows partitioning of various file systems, even those that are designed for Linux, so the user can prepare the installation of the OS right from Windows.

The program is now compatible with the latest Windows version and everything still works great in this one. Four wizards are available when the user starts to work with it and by using them, he cannot only change the partitions that he already has, but he can recover files that have been deleted from a certain partition as well. Partitions can be copied to create back-ups and this tool can also prove helpful in other instances. For example, when there is too much content that needs to be copied piece by piece it is easier to create a new copy of the partition.



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