Mini Fighter Online

Mini Fighter Online is a fast paced 2D fighting game supporting side scrolling features. It is a very fast paced, fun filled game with up to 210 players playing, at the same time. The extremely popular game of Korea has now made inroads in North America. It is a very motivational game for diehard fans, as the top best players are listed in the official leader boards of this application; and only the best trained and best fought player can be assured to stay on the top list for a steady period.

The players of this game can compete in a variety of modes such as standard survival mode to tag team ones and from more chaotic Boss fights to daily siege warfare games. The game has 14+ game modes to choose from with 8+ fighter players, bringing variety and spice to the actions. The player first starts their adventure by creating their character. As mentioned, the eight playable characters are Goliath, Cro, Chris, Bonny, Marshall, Kang, Hikaru, and Xiah. As expected the game offers each of the players with their own strength, skill, and vulnerability. For every account , only one character can be chosen from; hence it requires some good homework from the user to select the character. The Games battle room is where all the fights are played out. This game allows the user to jump in to any level as there is no restriction for levels. Even a novice player can jump in to the PvP as soon as they create their character. But it has to be kept in mind that PvP requires extreme skills to tackle the attacks and manage the game.

The unique game style is a mentionable feature of this application, along with the multiple characters allowed along with the several game mode offered. The side scrolling game play though has some critics. There are some latency issues reported, though the publishers have reported that these are taken care of in the later releases. Though the interface is attractive with colorful graphics, it is felt that the interface can still be made better.

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