Microsoft WorldWide Telescope

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope is an application that can prove to be quite useful in the right hands, but novices can learn a lot from it, too. The tool features multiple options that make it a thorough resource for those that want to learn from it. Basically, the app is a virtual telescope that provides instant access to planets and stars in our Universe.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope has a dark interface that is quite easy to understand. The main functions are available in the top toolbar and there are other specific options that appear when a certain element of the app is loaded. Planets can be explored and visualized in a 3D environment and a lot of data can be read upon right clicking one of them.

Microsoft WorldWide Telescope also allow users to learn about constellations by providing a virtual view of the night sky. Each start that makes up a constellation has readable data that can be accessed for research or pure knowledge purposes. Even whole galaxies can be explored with the aid of guided tours, in which users are able to learn a lot of information that is structured on different chapters. Anaglyph views of planets are also available and they can be configured in a number of ways.



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