Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools

Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition Power Tools provides users with a number of updates for more efficient use of the Visual Studio 2008. The updated version of the Power tools provides its users with two custom unit test conditions, which are the Checksum Condition and Expected Schema Test Condition features. The first test condition allows the users to verify checksum of the data from a database with that of checksum of an unexpected data set. The second test condition can compare values of the column names and data types that a data set has returned to check if it matches the expected values.

The updated Power Tool also includes a new Data Generation Wizard, which functions as an efficient data generator. It can help the users in creating a data generation plan, which has the requisite configuration for the efficient copying of data from the source database. Users can use this tool for copying data from a live source while making certain changes that will help in ensuring their privacy. This updated Power Tool also provides its users with a choice of five refactoring types and a dependency viewer.

The MSBuild feature works as a task improvement tool that helps the users in comparing data and schema. Users can also perform static code analysis on the T-SQL code. This Power Tool further allows its users to move an object to a different but existing schema and to rename those objects by generating a new script. It also provides wildcard expansion feature and miscellaneous tools such as Script Preprocessor. Thus, this database software can provide a number of useful features to its users for efficient functioning.



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