Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is an application designed to give a helping hand to various users that might heed to solve mathematical problems. Of course, everyone can apply the classic method of writing on paper, but sometimes solution are too hard to find and if an error appears at one point of the solution, the whole result will be wrong. In order to avoid this, users can make good use of different apps available in the market. Some of them are shareware, but there are apps like the presented one that people can download for free and install with ease.

The tool is easy to use, but there are advanced functions inside the calculator and if users are not accustomed with working in such environments, they should better check out the guides and they can find out information about each tool that is included in this mathematics problem solver. The most important advantage of this program is that upon inputting a problem to be solved, the tool will not simply provide the answer, but it will also give users a step-by-step instructions sheet in order to understand how to solve the certain problem or equation.

In the left area of the screen, a replica of a scientific calculator is displayed and its buttons are functional, so various equations can be created with the aid of those functions. Two dimensional models can be quickly converted to three dimensional ones, whenever it is the case. The app is not only suited for mathematics, but also for other domains such as physics and chemistry, as it can also solve such problems. Geometry problems are no longer a problem, either, as the tool is able to solve such problems with ease, also providing detailed instructions on how to work in order to discover the solution, too.



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