Microsoft Access to Visual Basic .Net Object Converter

The Microsoft Access to Visual Basic .Net Object Converter is an executable program that enables its users to convert various Microsoft Access objects into to Visual Basic .Net within seconds. This software is capable of converting Microsoft Access Forms and Codes, Macros, Reports, and Queries to name a few. The users can convert Access Controls such as ActiveX Custom Controls, which includes the Microsoft Windows Common Controls and the Common dialog Control. Thus, users can use the easy to use interface to convert any Access objects except the Pages and Tables with utmost efficiency.

This converter software is capable of converting continuous and multipage forms, subforms, and tab controls within seconds. The users can convert the Access Standard Controls into equivalent Visual basic Controls. This software ensures the automatic addition of the converted ActiveX Controls to the Visual Basic project. This software is among the fastest conversion software available for conversion of Microsoft Access database to Visual Basic .Net. This software tool helps the developer in increasing their productivity by recreating in the Visual Basic projects the functionality of the converted Access database application.

This software allows its users to create more efficient and powerful systems in Visual Basic .Net by converting MS Access database in real quick time. Users do not need to redesign or copy and paste the Visual Basic forms which can be quite time consuming. The converted Access applications become ready to run almost instantly. Visual Basic is a far better choice for distribution to the end-users compared to MS Access. This software is perfectly compatible with systems running on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Windows Server 2008.



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