McAfee Labs Stinger Portable

McAfee Labs Stinger Portable is a complete transportable antivirus tool which notices and eliminates the malware found in the system. All that the user needs to do is to transfer the program, launch it, click the Scan option and wait to check what happens. McAfee Labs Stinger Portable’s simple on-demand scanning does not conflict with the other security packages, therefore enabling the user to run it along any existing antivirus package without any issues. And if the program detects any threats those are eliminated immediately from the system. The size of the file to be downloaded from the internet is somewhere around 340.77 kilobytes. McAfee Labs Stinger Portable is a free software application. The following named operating systems do well with McAfee Labs Stinger Portable; Windows XP/Vista/7/8.

McAfee Labs Stinger Portable has many attention-grabbing settings hidden behind the Preferences button. The user if wishes to see the “Boot sectors” box to make sure the program checks for boot sector viruses can do that. And if user is positive about the system being infected, though McAfee Labs Stinger Portable cannot realize anything, then options are available for the user to increase the heuristic sensitivity level. This makes it additional probably that the program can spot suspicious files, however it also increases the possibility entirely innocent programs being highlighted, therefore it is advisable to additionally amendment the “On virus detection” choice from “Repair” to “Report only”.

McAfee Labs Stinger Portable solely detects the foremost common malware specimens (the List of Viruses being available), and offers no period of time protection measures the least bit, therefore it should not be treated as a substitute for a full antivirus package. The program may be helpful, though, if the system has been infected by an outbreak that the regular package has missed: McAfee Labs Stinger Portable simply is ready to realize and take away those for the sake of security of the system. This is the transportable version of McAfee Stinger.



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