MB Horoscope Compatibility

MB Horoscope Compatibility software is a program to know the compatibility between two people. The working and the use of the program can be fun with various results coming and the features provided in the software. This tool comes with a simple interface and options, which can be easily seen and understood.

MB Horoscope Compatibility is also provided with a help file. The file provides the detailed information about the working and features of the program. The working of the tool is very easy and the user can normally understand it in the first instance only. The interface of the tool has some open boxes where the person has to provide with the basic information of the individual along with the information of the mate. After selecting the calculate option, it calculates the information in a few seconds and provides the details in a few paragraphs.

MB Horoscope Compatibility describes all the angles of the relationship between the two people. This software also states the pros and cons of the relationship. It also has a feature that enables the user to select between the western astrology and the Vedic astrology. The software program is applicable to the operating system of Windows X. MB Horoscope Compatibility also works well with the system of Windows Vista.



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